Contact Venus

My life is my art, my art is my life. I create and love to share all I learn from the world I live in with you, my fine friends from all over the world. Please Enjoy…

Love Fly’s Forever Free

Enjoy the good and the bad experiences. How else may one have a real appreciation for either if you dont know the difference from one to the other…

For availability please email me at or call me direct at 323-717-8256 for consultation or book me.


One thought on “Contact Venus

  1. You are right to support Bernie: A man of real integrity….a modern sage for the people and especially the young who follow him. I would look for one of his protege’s to follow in i=his footsteps. Bernie is the beginning of a new thing…Our 40 year old politicians should be more like him and trust their instincts. The only thing polls do is to produce sheep and lemmings.


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