Trashy Sets The Standard : Part One

       A fearless iconic Brand based in vintage La Cieniga West Hollywood neighborhood, responsible for some of Hollywoods’ most infamous high fashion signature looks worn by Rock Stars, Movie & TV Actors, Entertainers and even… Royalty! 


        Legends unlike any others, Princess Diana, Cyndi Lauper, Stevie Nicks, Claudia Shaffer, Anna Nicole Smith, Holly Madison, Dita Von Tease and Lady Gaga just to name a few of the planets most extraordinary and beautiful women whom have adorned their magnificent goddess figures in Trashy Lingerie 

       From humble beginnings that all started with a sexy little black sling back strapy sandal heel,  popular with the most frequent shoppers. Designed by a talented man of vision whom loved his work. Thankfully the shoe store that employed this imaginative and  ingenuitive man denied him the raise he so richly deserved.

       As a Husband and Father, that simply wouldn’t due. Mitch approached the owner of the building that held the shoe store where he worked and got a lease for the back space of what is now a small portion of The Infamous Trashy Lingerie for the last 46 years. 

       While with the shoe store, he’d received many requests to sell stockings of colors other than that of the common colors offered of the time black, white and beige.

        He and his wife began dying the stockings at home, Ms. Tracy, trendsetting matriarch of Trashy describes it with such a fond whimsical memory of how delightfully pretty all the stockings hanging on the cloths line in the backyard were, especially the yellow. . 

       Today they are the Hollywood hotspot for the, “Crowd Pleasure Bra”, a handmade buttery silky soft lace Bra that comes in 31-35 rich luscious colors that will make you fall in love at the very first feel. Don’t forget your matching panties, garter belt and stockings too! 

       An incredible selection of unique and skillfully hand made on site Bedroom costumes, being a less than puritan time, it’s most definitely time to look stunning while rocking serious sexy vibes for your Halloween! This not the shop to buy a cheap costume, your certain to joyfully wear your items for years to come.

       Too busy or too far to pop into the LA shop? No problem, give them a call 310-652-4543 ask to set up an appt. for a live personal FaceTime shopping experience. Treat yourself this Halloween, time to show the world what a head turner you are!

To Be Continued… End of Part One


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