2016 Primaries

Election Official – Poll Clerk

As a 39 year old divorced, Latina female living in LA, having volunteered for the 2016 Sen. Bernie Sanders Presidential Campaign ; I had seen the power in the people, brought forth by the people. I was mesmerized.

Anxious and excited, not in the least bit nervous at the impending 15 hour’s of working as an Election Official that was before me. Election Official – Poll Clerk. June 7, 2016 was smooth for us, we were set up and doors opened at 7AM.

That is not the same story for other Official Polling Offices, many were not able to open. Due to lack of volunteers on Voting day. Forcing voters to leave their precinct to vote at polling stations not their own, requiring the use of a provisional ballot.

What that means to U.S. citizen’s, those are vote’s cast on Election Day at the polls, yes. Except that vote will go weeks, even a month plus before being counted, depending on the county.

This blog post is meant to serve only one purpose. I would like to encourage you to please visit http://lavote.net to sign up to volunteer as an Election Official. Also be certain to volunteer to count votes in your county after the election? Become part of the solution.

“The Joy of Election Official – Poll Clerk”

Bearing witness to the Democratic Process is nothing less than magnificent. Watching as people from all walks of life come together with one singular great ideal upon their hearts and in their minds. Eagerly ready to cast their vote. The pure unadulterated ideal that each vote matters engrained in each soul, viewable in the eyes of each voter.

Entire families, 3 and 4 generations lining up together, first time voters from 18 year olds to newly naturalized citizens. I found myself often pulling back tears of joy June 7, 2016 Primaries a revolutionary voting day in my book.

An experience this pen to paper could never give the proper respect it deserves.

All I have to ask of each of my American Sisters and Brothers, please choose to make it your personal and civic responsibility to sign up and participate in voting day activities. Be the process! Volunteer!

Thank you my Champion’s! Exercise your RIGHT!

Venus Banuelos
Los Angeles 2016 Primaries Election Official – Poll Clerk 3


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