I’ve come to meet many young professionals in LA who are the children of illegal immigrants. Well educated and successful young people whose parents paid a coyote to bring them on the journey across the border. Well dressed, college educated and privileged. 

Yet, these same young people are voting for Trump. With an absolutely zero sense of self and an over inflated sense of self worth. Here to serve themselves not as Global Citizens, or even as United Citizens. Only interested in self- aggrandizing aka Personal Fame…

Having volunteered with the LA Bernie Sanders campaign, I witnessed first hand the underlying racist campaign being led by volunteers on the ground and in digital media. “Bernie or Bust” style campaign blatantly leads the blind to Trump.

I myself was accused of squandering my gifts because I did not participate in every Bernie Sanders activity I was asked to. And for not being at his LA events and helping with volunteer housing and events. The truth is the more I listened to the volunteers platforms, the more uncomfortable I became with supporting the cause. Which in my mind was to get Bernie elected.

That, however, was not the message I heard from anyone. It was, “We’re voting Trump if we don’t get Bernie.” And volunteer leaders in tears of agreence. It was disturbing to say the least.

I’m not a fan of Hillary any more than I am of Donald. She is as qualified an opponent as we could hope for. Though I’d been a Republican in the past and enjoyed the antics of The Donald. In the real world economy, he has zero business running the United States of America.

In all honesty neither does Hillary but she isn’t looking to lock out my countrymen. 

Though I am a US Citizen, Grand Daughter to Charles L. Graham and Roberta J. Kennedy. Both Vets who served 4 and 9 tours in the US Military respectively. My maternal Grandfather was a highly decorated Officer.

I was born in Tijuana, Baja Califonia, Mexico and my amazing Father was a coyote. He likely brought many of your friends’ parents, your housekeepers and favorite food truck owners to the United States. 

Because Hillary Clinton isn’t against my countrymen and is interested in immigration reform, I have no choice except to endorse Hillary Clinton. 

Mind you, I was offered a world of treasures and all my dreams to endorse the other… And yet here without a single benefit to myself, my family and my life. I’m endorsing Hillary Clinton for Presidential Canidate of the United States 2016. 

Because I love the people of Mexico and the United States of America.

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