Bernie Sanders – Warrior of Peace

Dear Bernie Sanders,

Thank you for your fearless fighting will! Inspiring to see you be so strong and so committed. Unwaivering in your movement, like a locomotive, You are my champion. I am so grateful and impressed to have you run for 2016 President of the United States of America.

Thank you for reminding me and all of America, what it is to fight for our rights. By your own lifetime example, sharing the patients and diligence in the political process. Your life of dedication is a blueprint for all of us to follow to freedom and peace for our brothers and sisters across the land. A warrior of the Rainbow, for all of America.

Thank you Bernie for reminding me of my own civic duties, to participate in the political process. Every community member of our Nation has a right and obligation to become part of the process on so many levels. And you inspired all of us to bring our best in grand support of ideals we each share across the land. Like minded, standing arm and arm to raise you up to be the representitive of a collective voice of liberty and justice for all.

I for was honored to volunteer for a magnificent man such as yourself. I felt privlileged to have you as a candidate… And I STILL do!

Bernie Sanders, 2016 Democratic candidate for United States President

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