Posture of Dignity

Hearing of the Nevada Primary Riots involving Bernie Sanders supporters, heartbreaking. Absolutely unnessacery, immature actions by people who do not represent myself and my support for Bernie Sanders. One of the privileges and honors of being a legal voting adult, is participating in the National Electoral process.

Win or lose, Dignity above all is the posture to carry us upon every election trail event. In every photo, you bare witness in history of this man, we choose to follow and volunteer to elect, Bernie Sanders is dignified in every photograph as well as live at any event. His stature always emoting the one key of importance, we must at all times carry ourselves, as if we were upon the White House steps themselves throughout the campaign trail, along side this great man, Bernie Sanders.

As a volunteer and supporter for Bernie Sanders, I ask each and every person giving their beautiful energy to the grass roots campaign, please bring your best every day. Please show the nation and the world what power “WE” have in numbers and voices not violence and hatred. As I always say, Don’t hate, Navigate! We are powerful, as ,”We The People” and as long as “WE” stay focused “WE” have a real opportunity to Elect a worthy man to Presidential office.

People used to say we would never have a Black President! WE did it! Two amazing terms! Now it’s time to do this! We can come together to make a difference, history proves it. Let’s thrive, let’s strive, let’s dive head first into this campaign.

I strongly encourage everyone to volunteer, show your support and grow your support! This is your election not just Bernie Sanders. The United States needs you!


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