Thank you Mr. President

Spring 2016, the run for United States President elect 2016 is well underway. Gloves have been tossed to the wind, cautions no longer remain. And Freedom, Justice and Liberty are up for auction. President Barack Obamas’ 2nd term as President of the United States is nearing to an end.

Last-night I watched a comedy special of Chris Rock, taped from this same-time before Barack Obama was running as the First Black President of the United States. Wow! To hear Chris Rock speak of such hope, the power in numbers to vote. Inspired, truly. He spoke of gay marriage which of course since President Obama has been in Office, Congress passed Law, Gay marriage is legal. 8 powerful years, President Barack Obama has served well this Great country.

First Lady, Michelle Obama will be remembered in history as a magnificent example of a Powerful women in the Whitehouse. The joy Michelle, our Fist Lady of the United States of America, has brought and shared with our marvelous country and the Whitehouse has been awe inspiring.

We’ve enjoyed the Obamas’ as a fabulous example of a First Family, a tremendously delight to this country. Thank you and your beautiful family for serving this Blessed Country, I appreciate your 8 years of Service to The United States of America. May your future and family continue to be bright and charmed.


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