Fairy God Mothers Do Exsist

In memory of my precious Fairy God Mother, I was blessed to have such a magical creature in my life. Her love and her beauty were pure like saffron (pure as as the fragrant sent in the air of lush Jasmine or a field of lavender. whole and ever comforting.

It’s taken weeks for me to prepare her dedication. I missed her memorial to share with my family who waited with great anticipation for me to show my appreciation for this creature, this women so divine in my life.

How many times did I write what I thought was no way good enough to express her grace… More precious a spring morning could not be. Hearing her in the garden sing, “I woke up this morning and what did I see. Popcorn popping on the apricot tree.”

Allow me to indulge in her magic soul, for it was she who prayed every curl atop my head. As a child, the night before Sunday school she would sit and finger roll and pin my head in tight little curls. Handmade dresses, fresh food from the garden, the most beautiful hand drawn paper dolls with wonderful clothes to play with. Hand poured custom made mold porcelain dolls, hand painted with intricate care. My childhood was dreamy with her love in my life. I was her girl. Everything she touched with beautiful for that was her soul.

Only a small portion of her love for she was a Mother, Sister, Daughter and Friend. Her love for life was multiplied by all the amazing people who knew her, for everyone of them loved her dearly. Family and God were her cornerstones. Her every essence exhud these truths of faith.

Ive heard tell, I see the world differently, I’m blessed, honored and grateful to see a glimpse of the world through the eyes of Arvilla Moore. Who only saw beauty in every bird and every bee. The world was a treasure to she.


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