“Unreasonable Hope : By Chad Veach

Reading, “Unreasonable Hope” was just what the doctor ordered! Exactly what my soul needed. I was so touched and impressed with their self honesty, my Pastor’s  Chad Veach and Julia Veach, this incredibly kind love filled couple share their Marvelous, true empowering story.

When my copy arrived, I admit, I’d been scoping every UPS and Fed X truck on my block for 6 days. Like a hawk from my perch, great anticipation building up in me daily. I watched for it and waited… Counted the days, like a child counting and an advent calendar the days preceding Christmas.

As it happened, I’d had an early morning breakfast meeting at UCLA the morning of its arrival. Imagine my surprise when I stepped out to the door-stoop to discover not one but two copies of my most anticipated treasure. I left one copy in my room and the other I brought with me on my bus ride to UCLA. Monologue practice would have to wait, my humblest apologies Mr. Spacey.

Stepped out to the sidewalk, unwrapping my treasure. Stashed the package in my purse and immediately began reading as I was nose in book all the way to the bus. Right from the first chapter I found myself crying, heartstrings pulling for Julia and Chad. As a mother, I could only imagine their pain. Anyone seeing me read this book, could see I was enthralled with every word. Tears streaming as I read intensely.

Soon after arriving at my meeting a women inquired about the book I was reading. I gave her a brief overview, she said it sounded interesting, so I gave her my copy in hand. She’d insisted her reading pile already in need of attention. Faithfully, I insisted. I received an email from her on Monday.

And I quote;
“I want to thank you kindly for sharing the book with me. I actually read most of it over the weekend. (It made it to the top of the reading pile!) It is beautifully written and very inspirational.”

Wow! Brilliantly amazing! I absolutely love God! And I love life! Delightfully charming in so many cool ways. Thank you Chad and Julia Veach for being such a pure expression of truth and love. Hope is real and you two have resurrected hope in me.

Unreasonable Hope

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