Suicidal Tendency 

May 11, 1954 – November 23, 2015

Today a man of great ideals, talent and hope passed. In great sadness, I say good bye to a man who lived in the hopes and prayers that he could change the world.

And though his acts of love, alone where not enough to change the world. He was a teacher of hope and lived his dream to be a guide for the blind who do not see.

Uncle Bruce, I love you and will always appreciate your complex mind and precious heart so filled with love for a world that just could not see who you where sent to be. In your life many blessing did you share… From your heart, great hope was spread to the hopeless.

You were not just my Uncle, my Mothers Brother but my Fathers best friend and mine too. For my heart was like yours and yours like mine. And I will think of you, as you were meant to be remembered. As a leader, a hope dealer and a treasure among men.

Fearless in your ideals and your mission to bring God to those who know him not. A true Missionary, gifting life back to the lifeless with your own blood even. A pillar of a man you were. I am sad I did not get to tell you in life what my heart knows to be true.

God has his son back in Heaven and that is the most important fact here. As a Warrior of the Rainbow, you return to finish your work, where you are needed most in the etherial plane, where now you can help the Prayer Warriors on Earth do the great work left to be done…

Oh my dear Uncle, hours of our long talks I shall miss but they shall never be forgotten. As you my dear sweet Uncle will forever live in my soul…

Thank you for your life, you lived as you believed and it was a divine life. I shall write you into eternity, where all the world may enjoy your glorious colors that made the Warrior of the Rainbow that was you and shall forever ring true.

I send you in Loving peace back your your Father and your Mother in Heaven. For they await your return in great anticipation to hold you once again.

I love you Muncle and always shall… Many lives are saddened by your departure… Go in peace, knowing we shall all live and honor your memory in love.



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