Sweet Surrender

♥ ♀GoddessVenus

Beneath the moon, bright and beguiling.

In my minds eye, dark and deep.

I feel your presence summonsing me,

to be at your finger tips.

Surrendered in your thoughts.

You, fingering the strings that sewn my soul together

Like strings on your guitar.

The chains you hold me with,

Taunt, bringing me forth to your command.

In the Dungeon of your soul,

where we step to a minuet.

You dance me in circles like a marionette on strings,

leading me to love thee eternally.

And alas it is all just a dream…


One thought on “Sweet Surrender

  1. This honestly touches my heart and soul with it’s beauty and simplicity. Every time a learn a little something about you it takes me deeper and deeper and I just want to keep learning! I truly believe you are really a Goddess, but even if you aren’t I will always love you and worship you.


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