The Cherry Bluestorms are a late ‘60s/’90’s Britpop influenced band who are about to release Bad Penny Opera (a song cycle) & love letter to their influences. @geewilikers

The Stereo Lounge

Deborah Gee  is having an eventful century. Her critically acclaimed debut solo album “Portal” was released in 2000.  After that album ran it’s course, a chance meeting in a coffee house resulted in a liason with her future significant other (ex-Dickies) guitarist Glen Laughlin.  Together they birthed a new band, The Cherry Bluestorms.  Led by Gee and Laughlin and employing a rotating cast of L.A. musicians, they released their Psych-Pop debut “Transit of Venus” in 2007.  More critical acclaim followed as they unveiled the album in Britain, including gigs at the fabled Cavern Club in Liverpool; the British Pop mecca that informs the band muse.  Now in 2012 the band is planning another tour of Britain in support of The Cherry Bluestorms second album, “Bad Penny Opera”. On top of all this frenetic activity,  Deborah Gee is planning the release of a new solo album at the…

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