Living outside the lines

Before, once was, was not the way it should have been.

Then one fair day, on a unicorn I landed on the roof were you sat upon a mushroom where we spoke our dreams to the galaxy.

The universe heard us and cleared the steps to heaven so that we may show the world how to use pyramid paint and build planets from nothing more than our own sweet breath.

In Gods hands and Glory we’ve become a team so great and grand to share love with all that dare stare at this technocolor band.

Once my dreams were so far from reality until a gift from a futurist groovetastic lil’ smokey bot found it’s way into my heart.

I love you my brother’s and sister’s in arm’s

@smokeyrobotic @seermusic @fatherdude @illmindproducer @konradproducer @mikelohan @lindsaylohan @samantharonson @tylershields And the wonderfully talented artist Rachael Freedman. It’s been a dope year and I cant wait to see what this next year dreams for us! xo ~Venus


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