Vicious Licks…

3 clubs on St.Patrick night, underground Hollywood Rockerz with the Hottest Rocker Chicks ya eva wanna vicious lick… Sexy delicious, being the rocker bitch I am, you’d be certain to believe I was so viciously delightful myself the smoke’n Hot Goddess that is thee (All good humor & good fun. ) But damn I ain’t ly’n when I say, I was crazy sexy last night, I haven’t looked & felt this fabulous in a long time.

My first dive bar check in for @foursquare It was a sick lick of a place to be some fav folks hugs were all around. Vicious Lick’s was main stay play of the night.


Before the band hit the stage … the lead singer requested more money or he wasn’t going on.

Needless to say he was denied and let’s just say he says he “Quit” young Sexy hot rocker gent who loves to wear his spinster suite’s and his rock star black… Thought on that faithful night he was all that. Left his band mates no stage to play while he went inside to party the st.paddy night away. Talk of his old band wanting him back… All the while folks came from all over to see them bend Tune. Instead… this guy is all about the drinkz with all the hot sexy Pink, is all he could think. And in a blink the whole night was all at his feet.

My gals & I head to a place with our wine where haunted men tell no lies. It was great fun, I looked quite a stun loved my sweet night of fun. Vicious Licks will find another lead singer, dude wont be missed by the band he unluckly dissed. Great night out with my ladies. \m/ \m/

An elephants tail

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