I Spit On Your Slave…

Relax… it’s just fetish

Calabasas tucked into the mountain side The IBN boyz as we called them. Had a fetish for one of my Photogs! I had 3 on a spin on any given day. The ex & I owned Ultimate Models, so tits and ass poured around us like champagne runs in Jay Z & Diddy’s grails.

Bob, the fetish photog, was brilliant in his own sick fashion. Begged for months for us to allow him to receive a spitting video with Me & My Ladies… for the boyz…

After a year of service… His wish was granted… bob the photog With 8 of the hottest bitches in LA, set up cameras on the hill side. And, ‘I Spit on Your Slave’ was Shot.

Britney Andrews, Tyler St. Clair, Myself as my alter ego Devin Black, Disciplinarian in a stunning sun shine yellow mini & fire red lace up heals & toes to match. and 3 or 4 other hot ass bitches! Were ready to spit on my slave… and oh and spit we did… I spit down bob’s throat in such a fowl fashion. You hear the camera man gag on the film as well as see the slave gag with a rigorousness.

Brittney Andrews Won at the 1998 AVN Awards that year for a film, She was then invited to appear on @HowardStern to promote her win & movies, she shared, “I Spit on Your Slave” with him and his crew. Stern gaged at the film! When you see it, you’ll see Its not much to brag about aside from I am a hot ass bitch that can make a man gag.

(*snicker* they do it to us JK this I assure you is very different)

lol just a fun lil story

Heres the good one…

I went back to work about 3 months after Bella was born PT. It was great, I had never been to a real concert in a big arena until I worked my first show at the Rose Garden. TLC… Thank God… (so grateful now! then too but you know I mean)

AC/DC April 19, 2001,

I was setting up a regular show. AC/DC I was UBER excited cuz I had what I thought was a big Casting Director’s job interview between set up & show times, I couldn’t wait, I was totally ready. Plus who is not so MAD for @AC/DC ?!?!?! I AM IN LOVE!!! Always… even after the story I’m about to tell you.

At lunch after setting up the previous 5 hours, standing there talking to a few co-workers/friends, when I was approached by a 40 something year old man with peroxide blond long shaggy hair, a few teeth, tight black jeans and the stench of cig smoke on his leather members only jacket.

He says to me, “Hey baby, I eyed a spot in the back over here where you and I can get some alone time. (Mind you I was on stage the whole morning in a crew of 50-100, I’d not seen this guy in that 5 hrs.) Totally out of left field. Looking around because theres no way he was speaking to me, but Im standing with 5 men.

“oh come on darlin’, I need a ReLEease.” disgusted, I looked at the table clothed tables with cloth napkins rolled up around me and told him that “You NEED to get your own release.” Shocked anyone would say these words in thoughts that they might work. My friends and I shaking out heads as we look at each other to see if we are all seeing this for realz.

I turned to him and asked him to walk away… He grabbed my arm as if to pursued me to follow. He Says, “oh come on darling just a lil shag”, in his accent. I said quite clear and very sternly ,”I don’t know who or what kinda bird you think I am but if you do not walk away I will either slap you or simply file a grievance with the Union for your behavior. Your choice, but on either account you will be leaving me alone.” Upon hearing this he was not dissuaded. I reaffirmed what I had already said and told him that he needed to be wise and simply walk away.” At this point he’d realized he was whipped and wondered off to find a groupie by the gate.

In the corner at one of the tables these two men where eating and Laughing their asses off to the point they were falling of their seats. Knowing they were not part of my house crew, I asked if they knew him. They said, “yeah, How did you do that?” Stunned?… I said, “What???”…”Do.. do what?”

In their accents they said to me, “In all the countries and in all the states that we visit that guy gets laid! By whom ever he wants! What makes me so special as to not fall for his charms.” LMFAO by this point.

I told them I’d owned the Red Velvet Torture Chamber in LA. I have leathers in every color bruises come in. They were intrigued?! curious… They asked if I still have this stuff. I replied, Yes, Of course…then if I would be willing to get dressed up and do something for the show. “OF COURSE!” was my reply.

In that moment I knew I had enough time to either get to my side of town pick up my leathers & gear & get back to work my shift before the AC/DC show or I could head to the complete other side of town for the job interview… Then back to work…This was one of those no turning back moments in life… you get one chance… just one…

That was an easy call… who gets to preform with AC/DC? …. I was AMPED!!! My crew was amped, the whole Garden was a murmur… This wasn’t my first stint with bringing a little extra fun and play to the Arena & my pals on the crew…

8pm I changed from my overalls & bandanna wear’n little Venus into Devon Black, Disciplinarian. At 8:30pm I was escorted under the stage by the Video guys where They had a man naked as I requested with a chair. I took out my silk rope, tied my volunteer to the chair. @ACDC was just above me as they performed, “Hells Bells” with the plexi-glass strip in the stage, I could see Angus He even saw me. about 7 words into hells bells, I must have been a surprise by the look in his eyes.

Appearing on the 20 foot screen behind him as they performed was myself vamped out in black leather and 6 inch platform heals Hair huge! Looking like a Video tramp! \m/ Whipping his driver. While they played, “Hells Bells” & “The Jack” So fuk’n hot!

After my set, I got dressed into my work clothes and went into stage break down mode, An hour into it. The Stage manager, Rodger came to me, He said, “In 5 years of working for Angus I have never been summoned to his chambers. Tonight however was a different story. He summoned me and requested that I tell him who that girl who stole his show was?”

Angus: “What the fuk does she think she’s doing, stealing my mutha fuk’n show? Thats MY show!!!!” he says then…”that bloody bitch needs to get her own damn show and leave mine alone.” Plus more but I think that gives you the idea of how the rest went. Video guys were fired and the video tape was destroyed…

This whole story by the way still cracks me up to no end and I still pinch my self because its all so real and it was so fuk’n awesome to be part of! I wouldn’t trade the experience for anything… priceless


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