I’ve ordered my ticket and workbook and I am ready to hear what they have to say. Are you?



Rudy Giuliani
America’s Mayor

General Colin Powell
World-Famous Soldier Statesman

Bill Cosby
America’s Favorite Comedian
Special Guest

Laura Bush
Former First Lady

Brian Tracy
America’s Top Authority on Selling
Business Skills

Steve Forbes
President and CEO of Forbes, Inc.

Howard Putnam
Acclaimed CEO of Southwest Airlines

Terry Bradshaw
Legendary NFL Hall of Fame Quarterback

Rick Belluzzo
Legendary President of Microsoft

Krish Dhanam
Top Sales Expert

Julie Ziglar
America’s #1 Female Motivator
Rudy Giuliani
provided strength at a defining time in American history as he helped lead New York – and the U.S. – out of the devastation that followed the attacks on 9-11. Providing leadership for New York City is a challenge even under normal circumstances. It is easily one of the most complicated and diverse cities in the world. But there is no greater test of a leader or leadership skills than to lead during difficult times. In this powerful session Rudy Giuliani provides unparalleled insights about leading during trying circumstances.
General Powell
is one of the most distinguished and admired men in America. As a four-star General, chairman of Joint Chiefs of Staff, and Secretary of State Gen. Powell has experienced leadership at the highest levels. Gen. Powell shows you precisely what it takes to be a leader, providing strategies for “taking charge” during times of great change.

•How to Improve Processes, Organizations and People

•How to Remain Focused in Crisis

•How to Forge Winning Alliances

•Keys to Creating Diplomatic Solutions


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