An Heir of Faith

There is a renewed sense of being in the air
The smell of the world is a new
The way I was before was not true.
Though now I feel free
I’ve discovered the Goddess that dwells inside
I am powerful and fearless
Ready for the fierce world before me
The bowels of the earth are open
The Demons – Bold & Frightened
Roaming the streets,
Dwelling in dark places
They, are out for blood
I bare my armor each day
Into the world so gray
Disguised phallus blue,
Deceives the minds eye
Why I pray?
To survive…
In my faith
I Am Free

Written by Venus Banuelos
Original 2004 posted to zoetropestudieo’
revised in 2006 posted to
and today 1/23/2011 to cybervenus/

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