My Year In Review

Dec. 30th 2009 I hopped in my best friend Shannon’s car as the night was upon us and snow on our heals. Threats of closed roads were not deterring us! We were spending New years Eve in Vegas!
(My Blackberry was spazzing its way through the road trip so she has all the pic’s from our trip. I 140# Character tweeted when I could)

We made it out of Oregon as they closed the borders because of poor weather conditions. With All the enthusiasm of the world we pulled onto the strip at 9am NYE. Got a hotel room and headed to food at the @Hardrock. While having our noon cocktails, two sexy Austrian gents indulged us with their company and an afternoon of shots and food, oh they were so delicious!

My gal Shannon then need some serious shopping therapy so it was off to spend! After 5 hr’s doing more shopping then I’d expected for the day (I was thinking of drinking with lots of cute gents!) But we did have to look sexy! Finally we headed to the Wynn for Dinner before we got our drink on… I was silly to have only a salad, I should have had pasta. (to soak up all the alcohol I was about to consume) She at least had steak, but she orders steak everywhere she eat’s it’s her thing! Luv’s! :0)

After Dinner it was time to see what all the people were doing… They close the streets to all cars except town cars, limo’s, cabs & buses at noon on NYE in VegaS WHICH IS awesome!!! (i LOVE TO WALK IN THE MIDDLE OF THE STREET!) :0) Then it was on…

Woke up hurt’n 4 certain the next day at check out, ready to hit the road. Heading to Texas… That was a painful car ride, Shannon found her self pony’n up to pull over for this hurt’n unit that was me… Brutal…

After what seemed like a zillion hours of really a great drive, we were finally in Texas.. were the next 3 weeks unfolded like a mystery novel Alive and kick’n…

I came home to Kick out my ex boyfriend, I’d broken up with a month before. It was time for me to move forward. With him gone, my husband whom until 3 months before that I’d thought he was my EX-husband. Decided he wanted to leave everything in the ATL and move to PDX with me. (I kicked my cell service to the curb too got an iPhone)

(Back story- got a call in Nov. ’09 my supposed ex hubs say’s I got a surprise, unknowing me has no clue whats coming down the pike… We’re still married and he’s come to claim whats his… me or half of whatever I’ve earned…. Wow what a fuk’n blow… So much for marrying that guy for love… at least I know I left for the right reasons now…) Fast forward: I’m back from my cross country road trip with my best gal friend and I got men who suck everything and offer so lil’ love & support. And this is just the end of January 2010. But hopeful and in good spirits.

Valentines day found me Alone and so fuk’n happy & sad about it… mostly disappointed… in men…Thats when I decided, the cousin I’d recently reconnected with after 10 years. Her and I were going to LA! I had never visited as a tourist in all my years of living & working there. Off we went on the adventure of our youth, to reconnect and to share all the cool things life has at our finger tips with her. It was so wow! We went on the TV show Doctors @ShannonLeetweed & @GeneSimmons were on. That was so very cool. they were so sincere and warm. Shannon was stunning , more stunning in person then any picture captures. it was very cool, we had tickets to see @CraigFerguson at the #Improve. however after we left the Dr’s we head to our hotel room to change got a cab & went to the BOW, in west Hollywood. Where we spent until 2-3am then i think i passed out for a couple days in our Hotel California.

There are pictures on my FB. You’ll have to see the rest for yourself. We spent a month there. It was so awesome! We stayed 2 weeks at the Sportsmens Lodge hanging pool side.

While there I met Gary Busey, He say’s to me. “Do you know what Worry means? W-orking O-n R-idiculous R-outines D-aily” i thanked him as he was speaking 1 soul to another to me… Luv’s HIM bunches!

So I went to my room and got a picture of my legs from my old portfolio, a photo shoot at my studio in LA, RVTC, circa 1997 fetish shoot- Larry Woods was 1 of 3 photogs at that shoot. This piece was his bright blue eyes work. I autographed it and put a special note to Mars from Venus (how he introduced himself when I introduced myself.)

Took it to him pool side and his son offered to have his dad sign it. I said, “Thank you but no Thank you.” I kissed Gary on the forehead, put the B/W in front of him and walked away, he was on the phone, I hadn’t realized when I’d walked up, not wishing to disturb him. As he left a couple hours later he gave me a hug and a kiss on the cheek. I’d truly given him a gift, not asked a thing of him but gave…

LMFAO that was 1 week before I came home…

The night before I left LA, I was in Bella’s dads bedroom, I’d just gotten out of the shower, when my iPhone rang. It was my mom, asking when I’d be home? “Tomorrow mom, you know that. why? whats the matter?” DHS had called her to pick up my older brothers children… WOW… oh my soul…. her not being one much for kids she was in need… You never know when or how you’ll be called upon.

I showed up in PDX to a home full of kids.4 of them plus my 1… Wow, Thats a huge undertaking… Thank God I had plenty of room. I boxed up my office every book, every disk. I turned every spare bed room I had into a children’s room.

my cousin & I planned all month to come home to #PDX from LA, wrap up our lives and move to LA, open a Rock and Roll pizza shop, like the one we’d grown up in, only for the 21st century. God does laugh at the best laid plans. :0)

FINALLY Got Divorced in October from said selfish ex husband who would dare try to own me… I’m not property but to him, I’m community property. When I left ATL for LAX in Jan.1997 i took my clothes & journals, nothing more. Everything that went with it… It wasn’t enough for him… Thank God I don’t have to live with him any more.

Had a fabulous holiday season with all my family and I love it! wouldn’t trade a minute for anything! So grateful we could spend this season together.

So as God has had planned for me, my home filled with children, 4 year old boy, a 10 year old girl, a 13 year old boy and 15 year old boy… Well they’ve all had birthdays and grown at least an inch since then. Their happy well adjusted kids who are going to enjoy a wonderful life. They’ve even begun to go home. So in this year I’ve learned to let go, let love and laugh. Above all let God…


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