Like a Kid at Christmas….

This is my favorite day of every year… Here like a little girl i wait anxiously for my daddy to arrive with my tree, our tree, a tree for the kids. Their first… Not Bella’s first but apparently my brothers kids whom for now live here. I’ve been so excited since yesterday when mom told me they were going to pick one out for us TODAY!! YIPPY! Happy girl!

I’ll send pic’s but it’s the coolest, it’s totally their thing. They love to play entwined in lights and bulbs and it’s the best part of my year. They love making me smile and I Thank God that someone does! LUVS Mom & daddy

It has managed to wipe away all the gloom and doom of yesterday.

When the kids come home from school, they’ll walk into the sweet smell of the fur tree that sits in our living room. It shall be covered in lights and glittering with glass ornaments that will dazzle their lil eyes! i can’t wait til they see it! For now I patiently bid my morning knowing that soon my daddy will bring his big truck, pull my tree out the back and carry up to my porch where he’ll put the stand on before he brings in the *beautiful token to earth in and they begin the GLAM makeover on the lovely earth brought in from the cold. It gets the works oh I can hardly stand the last 44 minute wait til it arrives! :0) Happy Holiday’s :0)


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