the questions she ask’s…

The Science of Humanity

When my angel sweet 11 year old daughter Isabella asked me, looking at me with her beautiful bright blue eyes, so sad and heart broken. “Mommy Were Jews really burned to death?”

In pure shock and sadness… I silence the TV, put down my pen & paper, the cells set to silent. Wow what a bomb… a painful bomb.

It’s even worse than that as my history soaked brain recalls the beginning… 17 European Countries including that of my heart & blood, land of my name and hers, as the instigator of it all. 1492 Queen Isabella of Spain far before Hitler, used to have Jews tortured and flayed. Hitler as we all know used gas chambers and many other cruel sorts of evil to kill as many as his filthy soul would allow him.

Today here I am, my mother had insisted earlier that evening that Isabella could watch “the boy in the stripped pajama’s”, and me not having seen it, nor knowing they were watching it. I didn’t know to disagree. So she saw it and it broke her sugar sweet lil heart.

She left grandma came to me, her little spirit so crushed, broken with sadness for the movie she had seen. She told me all about the movie and what happened, I hugged her and explained in the best ways I could. Then suggested she read, Anne Frank Diaries. What else am I to do at this point but to give her the introspective of a child her age who experienced it.

My hope is for her to be strong and real, I’d read it by her age myself. Plus so many more powerful books, she’s well read enough. Ready for the next step in her own spirits growth and ability to intellectualize as well internalize. In hopes then to reflect her re-imagined idea of love back into the world. She is amazing so that’s the idea anyway, in a perfect world right.

Oh to have to share the, “yes”, truth of it broke my heart. To listen to her questions and answer them for her curious mind. I sit in awe of her maturity, she knows death all too well. We’ve lost close ones that we love, sadly she is far too familiar with it, so her ability to process it is phenomenal. Not desensitized… instead empathetic.

Amazing child really… God Bless her. It was a tough moment for her so we curled up in my bed, laughed & talked. Watched a lil’ youtube & TV. I fixed her a lil’ piece of pie. She was better, wheels still turning in her head but more peaceful.

Last week at parent teacher conferences her teacher told me, “She’s a Humanist, she’ll never be a rocket scientist.” LOL I did so have to give him a chuckle.

So now to teach her that humanity is truly a science is the challenge that I am left with…

Working for a couple Executive Producers for a TV show in LA years ago. I had the chance to sit in the sound cage at Universal Studio’s where The Spielberg Collection of Holocaust Survivors recordings are kept. From his research for Schindler’s List. To listen to those stories is unreal, it melts your soul. It sure makes you stop feeling sorry for your self, thats for certain.


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