All Too Significant

Consider the tremendous consequences that come from even the littlest things. The little things that may not be so insignificant after all. Not one single breath we take is insignificant. Each word we speak has significant’s. Each action has a reaction causing a friction in reality in someones life in the universe.

As we know, no one person can be happy all of the time, therefore there is always a ripple in someones reality. Whether we perceive it or not, it effects someone, some place in time or part of the universe out side of our own person. Be it good or bad, positive or negative the universe knows no difference, it just magnifies & refracts it back to us.

Each of us is given the free gift of “Choice” to choose what we each individually get to perceive what has value for us, by what we choose to place on it. Standards for example are a place in our lives, we as a society place value, in our relationships for example. But what are we as a society focusing on as HIGH standards in our relationships? Is it material or is it integrity? For us to each take a part in the responsibility in the reality we are in.

You see now how each decisions has so much significance, so we must realize our own personal significance.


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