just feeling…

My soul hurts for the world and the state of affairs we are in… Society is fowl things that go on under our noses, so horrific, breaks my heart and hurts my soul. Therefore I get a ache in my soul that makes me want SCREAM! Stomp! Throw a fit like a 2 year old, though it would do no good so I do not. Though I should… Its ridiculous the break down in the society.

WOW fucking insane… I thought I would turn off my music and watch TV, “criminal minds” and tripping out!

its all just too much. yes it just TV but when I know how evil the world really is it hard to see it as just TV when shit like that really happens. I commend @TylerPerry for being so strong as to stand for all men and boys. To help them to stand for themselves. I hope women, girls, men and boys all learn to be survivors


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