Od’ to the Men & Women in my Family

I was at my Uncles home yesterday, I like to go over spend time with him, grill his brilliant mind with every question that alludes me about our family. He was also the closest with my father, they were best friends. As my Mothers Brother, he’s always looked out for me. Normally that and chatting about life interest’s, world politics, family and all the things that make the Ferris Wheel of Life light up and sparkle and shine.

Thursday having been Veterans Day, I was especially curious about his father, my Grandfather. Charles L. Graham. He served in WWII, 8 Tours, he was in the Burma Theater, A Highly Decorated man of distinguishing qualities. A man of men.

Korean War he was called to Duty again and served Proudly, was again Highly Decorated. Alumni of Benson High School here in our Home town of Portland, Oregon. I am so proud of this one time Oregon farm boy, brother of 1 sibling. He was amazing. As was His Father who too served in WWI. I love my rich family history in the Military.

He and my Grandmother met during WWII she served 4 tours. It’s a rather romantic story, that has always left me dreamy eyed.

Roberta J. Kennedy, a Decorated War Hero, my Grandmother. Sibling of 9 children, large family.

She has an incredible story, that inspires me daily. Born and raised in Chicago, Illinois. She had a family and 3 children. When the German’s seemed so strong in 1941. Roberta, left those she loved most to protect their way of life. Their freedom, all of her comforts to be a Patriot. One of the many women in the USA who left their pampered lives to fight. Men and Women did their part, volunteered for service. Some women went to work in the factories to keep our country thriving & producing and She went to war.

Thats always left a lot for me as a women to live up to knowing the blood that run’s through my veins.

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