Why long distance relationships work…

Listening to Neon Trees Animal, absolutely luvs this song! it’s such a great soul song, it just makes me feel great, lively and young, it activates my spirit.

Why long distance relationships work…

When both people are confident and like minded. Lovers who truly only see the other for the love of their lives. Having friendships but only 1 intimate lover who is ignitable to your sexual passion and throbs your heart like only love can. It is possible.

I find the heart does grow fonder when there is distance and restraint applied. When you meet Mr. Right or Lil’ Miss fabulous you want to know everything about them & get all up in their business be right there in the heat of the moment.

I like being able to prepare for my manto arrive. If I am interested I like to surprise him with wonderful delights of many varieties. All expressions for the ways his love for me inspires me.

I do like surprises with a long distance relationship, discovering whats hot between justthe two of you. In your time away from another it gives you chances to really talk about likes & dislikes what excites & inspires.

I’ve found because I’m in such a creative industry where so much cultivation of passion is required to complete projects. People are often confused by the natural respect & appreciation for another’s art & ability they have for each other with love and jump without looking into dangerously codependent relationships that tend to breed an emense amount of drama.

It begins with making a self commitment to commit your love to only one and than standing strong in your commitment and enjoying that others would like you too but your heart belongs to only one… The joy in that it’s self is great but not greater then being in a committed trust worthy relationship with someone who feels the same.

Commitment can be magic in it’s self. Love is infinite and the possibilities are bondless. If pure… they are magnificent.

Not being satisfied with instant gratification opens
a whole new realm of enjoyment to you.

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