The Romantic Business of Marriage

When you are in a relationship and talking marriage, do you think its irresponsible to ignore the concept of a prenuptial agreement? Or is it real romance if you love and adore each other isnt real love protecting eachother from pain & poverty too?

When your in Love, its the best time to be fair and reasonable about property and monies as well as clauses of responsibility.

When your breaking up no one is logical, everyone is functioning on emotional energy. That is NOT the time to be fair or kind certainly not generous. So as you care for your career & business you should care for your relationships using many of the same rules you apply to your goals.

Especially since LOVE is at the end of the day the biggest goal. Its Very romantic to be logical & business minded in the 21st Century in the business of building a Loving Marriage that will last the test of time & society.


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