Od’ 2 my Bullies

Thank you for every day that you tortured me with cruel names and attacks, be they physical or less than simply, mental. The relentless ganging up teasing, I applaud you for making me learn to ignore my critiques. I love you all for making me stronger. making me get over being embarrassed over being human. Thank you so much that has been a great gift to not be embarrassed easily. You did me a favor. So I guess what you intended didn’t work.

Too bad for them, I refuse to be bitter. I’m friends today with a few of my worst bullies from my past… Heres the funny thing, I’m stronger now then I’ve ever been. We joke and talk openly about it. I get it and understand.

Is it acceptable to bully? Absolutely not! Can it be a positive in your life when your experiencing it? YES, if you choose for it to be a motivator as opposed to allowing it to disable you.

If you are living the right path for you, stand strong & stead fast walk your path and in time it wont matter what others say because your personal success will be enough for you to be happy. Your acceptance of your self is the only acceptance that matters at the end of the day.

Growing up in a dominantly white community as a mixed Spanish & Scottish child. Obviously color was a factor in my life from very early on. I have 3 friends to this day that I’ve know since 1st grade, we each were of colored descents and had to stick together early on. I adopted them as protective brother figures and they kinda looked out for me.

We went to grammar school, middle school & HS together. We never had to be best friends, we were just there, understanding & walking the path together in own ways.

My name being Venus from Birth, my experience with my name from very young on was extreme to the point that its embarrassing the things people think is acceptable to say to children. Kids too are cruel when they are young. I began to develop a hard shell to protect myself and others in Kinder garden.

I had many amazing teachers, more then I probably deserved. I treasure their work in me more then most of my gifts! Of course however I also had a very bad teacher who was prone to bullying too. She was meaner then the kids and often the ring leader. I can still recall how cruel she seemed. Not sure what her deal was, that was 3rd grade.

Yeah know I had a couple more that I just thought of, I blocked them out, they were so bad, Til writing this. Dang 5th grade & 10th grade science. Those ladies were something else all together.

Here’s a great story, I was new to a school where prejudice of every form were demons that ran the school hallways in forms of Football, female soccer players & Staff! It was insane, til then I didn’t know that a portion of society was against gay people.

Sounds ignorant sure but I was… People in my world, my mom, her family, their friends didn’t make a thing of it. Straight folks & gays hung out & worked together daily. I never knew everyones family & life wasn’t like that, it seemed normal like sesame street to me.

I had gay family, It never crossed my mind to consider what they where doing in their beds or what it had to do with me. It was simply not my business so I couldn’t believe their were all these people, the CC. Who were worrying about what folks were doing with their love lives. It was such a wild mess to me. But thats not even the story thats just the setting for worse.

I had skipped so much my freshmen year, basically failing science I had to do frosh science my soph year. It sucked! The boys were so cruel. I was a fresh recovering alcoholic by this time and uber raw. This boi & his friends used to sit in class teasing me relentlessly about having a hairy upper lip. My mom was porcelain white with blond hair, she knew nothing about how to help me cope with the peach fuzz that was not peach! lol

This teacher who I begged to help me, by moving my seat away from his, she refused & told me to shave it off if I wanted him to leave me alone. So that day I did. Can I just say that was the worst advise she could have given me…. But you live and learn.

Bully’s are awful, I know I’ve had my moments of that and I know I have been on the losing end of it. I experienced it in Hollywood, by a one of the studio’s when I went in for an call back they actually made fun of my upper lip hair and it made me run from the audition in tears, I began tweezing then. It was awful. I luv’s the stuff they produce & adore their producers so I won’t mention the studio but they have it in the archives, it was taped and cruel…

But hey am I tougher? Yep, Wiser? Yep! Can I laugh about it? Yes, I can laugh my ass off now. It’s part of what makes me who I am. And I wouldn’t trade a single moment of it for a million dollars. Cause I’m a deeper writer, a deeper thinker and I love stronger because I’ve been through all I’ve been through. So I dedicate this to all my Bullies & critiques. God Bless you, you are forgiven. I forgive you.


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