Par for the course of my life… lmfao

Pick’n my gear for Pimps & Hoes Ball Saturday night, Im Pimp’n so Ill be dressed as a Pimp! hells yeah! \m/ Now do I wear the double bling or single bling faux eye lashes? Guess we’ll see In the pix which I choose!

40 minutes passes.

That was interesting! lol 1 of the kids counselors came by while I was doing a costume fitting & check’n jewelery etc.. Surprise, surprise she wanted 2 talk. Not bad, all’s good but I had no time 2 change so there I sat in my costume 4 the Pimps & Hoes Ball talking w/ a child counselor on the front steps of my home. oh thats awesome! GREAT! Thank God I choose to be a PIMP, I dont think I could have gotten away with wearing a hoes costume! LMFAO

Thank goodness the counselors think I’m a hoot! I at least give them a smile.

My life is one embarrassing moment after another if I were easily embarrassed. I just laugh at life’s need for amusement at my expense :0) Thank God I have a good sense of humor and love to laugh at myself. I honestly crack myself up pretty regular. This is one of the moments that makes me laugh at the awkwardness life throws at ya.


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