Real House Wives of Beverly Hills 90210

LUVS me some Adrianne Maloof! She is everything I expected and more! A REAL Business WOMEN!!! With Integrity! Loves that little power house! She’s Awesome! I would so do business with her or kick box even wrestle!! I LUV that her hubs & her have separate money! thats so cool! That so Hollywood! “Money’s what I have, not who I am”! She’s so rad!

On @BravoAndy play’n Beverly Hills 9021oh no you didnt!” with the newest house wives! It was revealed Kyle dated C. Thomas & James Spader serenaded Kim! too cute!

i luvs me some Spades! Luvs him in “Secretary” with Maggie Gyllanhal. Such a sexy movie!

Kyle Rocks! Kim… God bless little Kim. So sweet & lost. luvs them both! Lisa is FABULOUS with her sexy scandalous mysterious style and her caravan of fuzz pups! Camille… good fortune with your new found independence, be wise. May you discover the joy within. Taylor I’ve barley noticed yet other then to be slightly cold toward Kim. Though gorgeous. I like her, we’ll see who she is as the show unravels the ladies.


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