GLEE too sexy 4 their shirt

I’m so happy this came up on Access Hollywood tonight. GLEE, Ive never seen it and last night my 11 y.o. Bella wanted 2 watch, it was on our TV like 1 minute and I hear the conversation and get up & see two chicks in cheer leading outfits in bed kiss’n.

Their HS students so its like a pedophiles dream… on TV WHAT are we promoting.

Protect sexuality weather your gay or straight you don’t need to flaunt sexuality to that extent of TV KID time! Family time…

Some of us would like our kids to wait for a minute B4 they try it all. We know its gonna happen but can we wait a while to introduce them to it?

Changed the channel…

Now… I’m an adult & get time & places this works but really not really if they were playing adults & this was HBO late night or whateve great but its not… its primetime Coseby hour! wheres that programming?

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