Its the simplest way to show you care. Appreciation entails detailed attention to the care and enjoyment of the experience. Being in the moment; Head & mind not in personal dialog in your head but right in the moment your living.

For example, when I was very young my Grandparents lived at the coast, when I’d visit, Grandma would show me how to appreciate things. Be it the fire pit at night with bubbles & smores or the magic of fishing. Be it the love of nature & hiking it was her thing & I liked it! She loved to show how me the natural magic in life’s beauty.

She’d drive from Nehelum to Manzania buy the most amazing large beautiful sweet strawberries & we would sit and enjoy them after they were clean & the tops were taken off. To smell the sweet delicioud aroma of natures magic in the berry. Then she would put the strawberry on my tongue and tell me to press the strawberry against the my roof of my mouth to release the juices on the back of my tongue and down my throat, then bite. Its amazing how wonderful the flavors fill your senses.

She taught me to sit and enjoy the awesomeness of watching a humming bird up close as they do their very cool thing. And how to chill and listen to music being played live around the fire pit next to the water, under that enormous tree I loved so much.

I find that in this day and age of technology, knowledge and information boundaries are none with folks. They adore their communication devices folks don’t stop and be in the moment they are in. Take it 1 moment at a time. Leaving the devices far from their time with friends and family. Giving their attention fully to the moment and those in it. That is were the greatest gifts in life are found, in true candid moments.


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