Thank God for Blessings & The Blazers

The Blazer game was awesome!!! It went exactly as is should have for a practice game. Fernandez was so HOT! Totally on fire!!!! He is playing fantastic. Going to be another great season to watch him preform!

The birthday boy bopped out after the first quarter. We luvs you bunches Joel, it was fun watchin’ him get all embarrassed!

Aldridge luvs him so many bunches, was fabulous stealing balls running the court & our star he hit the 3’s! Get it ROY! I left before the 4th was over to beat the crowd. PS I had fabulous seats 15 rows behind the team. I can dig it!

Headed to the max which might I say I navigated quite well. Zack my 16 yr old nephew showed me the bus roots in our area.

So I used our fair transit system, Tri-met. It was cool, I like getting down with the nitty gritty. Went to my cuz’n Brandi’s & play’d Gauntlet 7, we beat it, that was pretty fun. I hadn’t done anything like that in a long while. Glad I did. I had a great night. BIG Thanx to Mom for watching the crew so I could get out to play! luvs it!


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