Oregon Duck QB, Tim Green, My First Love...
A Romance of the Ages 91-97

Thought I’d share a Poem written to me by my first fiancé, Timothy D. Green. He wrote it a couple years after we first met. I’ve always wanted to share it. So here it is.


Seven hundred days ago
you picked me from the group
Rollin’ in the Centry
with only half the troop
I didnt know it at the time
you had you eye on me.
I had my life together then ,
My heart was strong and free
You sought me out that first night
we saw our hearts did fit
with minds in sink,
our hearts seeing eye to eye
two months went by
our hearts drew close
our lives were heading up.
I wondered off fell into shit
with booze I filled my cup.
I was a dick a real asshole
I broke your heart
again & again.
Your cries I heard,
your words I read
I wanted it to end…

“The I’s”
I tried to push you out
I tried to pull you in
I hurt you
I tried to heal you
I tried to ignore
I tried to pay attention
I led you on
I tricked your heart
I used your body
I tried to fall in love again
I didnt do these things on purpose
I tried to find a place for you
I didnt even know where I was yet/
I needed time to sort things out
I knew you needed time too
and then…

You held your guns in this time
And stood right by my side.
I lost the man, brought out a child
who took you on a ride.
That child remained in your world
The man too weak to stand.;
how could give love to you
while searching for a hand.
Out of a hell, a pit I’d dug,
my will just torn to shreds
Falling down, I hit rock bottom,
while grasping at all threads
When finally beat; a shell remained.
the man had lost the war.
I pushed you out, said I can’t;
my mind could take no more.
I fished the sewer finding shit
my world was wrong and sick
Yet there you were my voice of hope,
I still can hear your song
You saved my life brought back the man
the child was gone for good.

Your words of hope- encouragement.
I truely understood.
I moved my world once on my feet.
My world I moved out west,
All the while abandoned you
said I was the best.
I asked you once Venus be be mine,
would you be my wife?
You said yes, you’d dreamed of this
you’d waited all your life.
To hear those words from a man
that held you so dear.
But I’d done wrong not on my knee
no diamond sparkle clear.
For you deserve the dreamy way
like fairy tales have read.
The way I’ve planned a million times
and pictured in my head
You played along but wondered why
It wasnt like you thought
Whats good for you, what good for me?
In my mind they fought.

We started two friends a new,
we talked and shared and listened.
Through summer heat, falls strong wind,
and winters snow that glistened
Two friends real close, true & honest.
We sought other hearts,
We both found love with conditioned terms
and baggage filling carts.
Smart enough to see bad things
we dumped the hearts so rotten.
Chalked up to oops oh my mistake,
Someday they’ll be forgotten.

So two free souls with strong hearts
live from day to day
with no ties and no conditions
we’re free to run & play.
Someday you’ll have your fantasy
and live out all your dreams
and who’s to say to just what sea
flow both our lives as streams

Your Friend Love Always, Timothy D. Green 1994

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