Sobriety is Hell while addiction is bliss. What did I miss?

With sobriety comes emotions that flow like oceans, not rivers.
My world is tipped up side down like a shot of Tequila to the head. Oops my mind fell out, it lies on the grungy ground. I bend to grab it to put it back, I kick it past my reach. I end up chasing in as it slides beneath a cob web infested dusty table.

Where the demons hide, my mind filthy, smudged with gunk, soot and muck. I searched for time and space to redeem it from the slim.

Villainous, I drowned in a glass of Hell, I find myself there time after time. Dying and desperate to be free from the demons that captured me covered me in grime and now play hacky sack in the devils bone yard with the remnant’s of my mind.

Its just not the time for such a thing to jive with why I’m alive.

I dive head first into treatment, soiling my life so I may survive.
So pathetic, there is no disguise…

Watching my dreams puddle at my feet like ice melting no freezer to keep them safe. no glacier to hold them away from the burning flames of my life turning everything around me to cinders. Alone I die inside as I battle for my life.

My commitment to my self is unwaivering,
I have a beautiful life to live for.
thank you God for staying back to pick me
& my moshi brain up off the floor.
Saving me from the demons
who made me their whore.

Venus I am and shall be again.

Originally written
by Venus Banuelos
May 7th 2007
Revised 10/5/2010


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