If Your Bord, it’s because Your Boring

I had to learn to not write my life away. An observer of human nature & nature. An introverted writer of solitude. So deep in my thoughts that there was no life by freshmen year of high school.

I sat down in Dr.Rodgers English class, there was a plaque on his desk that read, “If your bord it’s because your boring.” My ego was really bruised that first semester. I sat in his class pondering, thinking and wondering what that meant.

By second semester I had thought so much about it that I finally got it. “Just do it”, like our favorite home town son, NIKE fame’s to claim. If you want to paint then do it, do something, anything; clean, cook, dance, sing, write, walk, breathe, live just don’t be bord. Do something about it, as opposed to whine about there being nothing to do. There is always something to be done for your home, your self, your life, a family member, a friend, your community. Teach yourself a new skill while your “bord”.

I still think about it fondly today… : )


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