Prayer: Q & A: Tattered & Torn

Unsure of my own heart…
My mind & thoughts are scattered.
What is real?
What is Good?
What is right for me?
Help me Lord, let me see through the dark clouded skies,
let me see what lies are on the other side.
Help me be all the women I can be.
I don’t wish to waste my continued dayz.
See me, show me the path for me.
Yes, pain I know & understand all too well.
What is the pain ideal for me.

My heart is in pieces on the floor,
I scurry on my knees to pick it up.
Falling in the heap of my heart that lay beneath me.
I cry, in a puddle of myself. Curled up, weeping.
Confused & lost in the pain, I.

Untwine the springs of my heart thus sprung…
Torn & Tortured no more,
That puzzle’s has been done…


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