The Clairvoyant Waking

3am, I wrapped in my robe and curled up on the couch in our sunken living room with my man by my side. A knock at the door disrupts our conversation. I answer it, to find two men of average height, short dark sandy hair, white button up shirts black suites and dark aviator sun glasses. They asked if I was Venus Banuelos, I replied, “yes”. They said I needed to come with them because I was clairvoyant. (“Really?”), I ask myself, in a strange curiosity.

They told my man to come cause he too is clarvoyant. Oddly without a fight we followed. As we walked out of our home that was not really our home at all.

Soon the hallway we walked down materializes as an office or medical facility of some sort. The smell of sterile laminates the air. Such a strong clinical smell. There were others who too seemed to hold whatever fate await us at the hallways end.

Those who led us had changed into men in Dr. coats & scrubs. They handed us scrubs to wear, as we walked we change. There were cubicles on the right hand side. I changed and stashed my clothes behind a trash basket in a cubical just next to a new hall, that was no longer carpeted.

Glass doors from floor to ceiling. They took us through the door on the right. Being at the end of the line by this time, I was just in time to see them strapping my man into a flat swivel bed. Everyone was face down as the beds had the face hole like a chiropractor bed. (By swivel: see rough sketch)

As I’m being strapped into my metal standing swivel bed. My mind is clouded by the smells and the sounds, so over whelming to my senses. There was a cold blue substance in a cellulose sort of sack. This substance kept us in a state if numbness.

I see them shave my mans hair and use a hand held spinning saw to cut a quarter of his scalp & scull away as they had done to the other amidst us.

I could taste the bones sweet dust and feel the chalky particles on my tongue. It was gagging me. The sound of the cracking skull was shivering. I watched as they removed a thin muted clear sliver of his brain from the exposed area.

I over heard one clinician say to another “they test for Clairvoyance in that portion of the brain.”

The razor is close to my ear… I scream out loud, “God! Please help me!” instantaneously, I awoke…. looking around the room, to find I lay in my bed, still, quiet and alone… It was a dream a very scary strong smelling dream, I could still taste.

Never having been one prone to headaches, I woke that early morning heart & head pounding. Leaving me pondering what I’d seen in my dream…

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