A Womens Plyth

Is that what I am? Crass? So many generations of women are forced to do it… Stay… In order to have financial security, to protect what they built with their blood sweat and tears.
Works of their hearts minds, hands and prayers.

Sure we can leave it all and struggle to regain all that is lost having nothing, or stand steadfast on the ground we have sewed and endured the degradation in our responsibilities on.

The consistent emotional slaps in the face. Being tested to our hearts capacity to accept and release the insecure games played by our male counter part, so he may feel significant. Like the brains of the operation so to speak. Can not allow the world at large to think that the council of a women is also part of his regime. Therefore in the shadows women sit, quite in the world. Not I…

Written September 22, 2006 by Venus Banuelos


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