Tiger Woods Privacy

As a survivor of years of Domestic Violence I can attest for the shame and self loathing that are coupled with abuse. If it isn’t bad enough being numbed by abuse but you lose touch with your feelings and the ability to identify them even becomes vague.

If in fact Tiger is being abused, it is no ones business but his and who he chooses to confide in. This is a matter of his Psyche & Ego which aid in him being the greatest Pro Golfer in the world. With out these characteristics he is nothing more then a simple man and you have to think incredible to achieve incredible feats. It takes serious self work and aid from greater influences then just yourself to come out of abuse on the other side well adjusted. Abuse can destroy your spirit, your will, your hope.

A billion dollars is lot of money. Tiger would have to give up half if he divorced Elin. It’s worth it to get rid of the head ache… I’ve left homes, cars, bank accounts just to be free. Trust me, the reward is life and life is good! If I earned the money 4 the possessions once I can do it again. And I have 3 times now, no big deal… Life happens, you just move forward.

Note to society:  Leave Tiger’s business as Tigers business… If he is a victim of Domestic Violence all he has to do is spend the half billion$ to get rid of Elin and he’ll be free. He has to decide what means more to him… his money or his pride….

He doesn’t owe it to society to be the Poster Child for Male Victims of Domestic Violence. He’s a man with dignity and deserves to have that left intact with what has left so he may pick up the pieces of his shattered life and move forward.

Class is never making anyone feel uncomfortable. So I ask society to show some class and self respect and back off.


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