Portland, OR Mayor Sam Adams

I always believe that ultimately, if people are paying attention, then we get good government and good leadership. And when we get lazy, as a democracy and civically start taking shortcuts, then it results in bad government and politics. Barack Obama

This Quote is a perfect example of an interesting story I’m about to share.

Any of you who live in Portland, OR are very much aware of the issues surrounding our present Mayor Sam Adams and the petition being passed for his recall.

For the record, in all ignorance =(lack of choosing to dig deeper before making my decision.) I, Saturday, signed petition to have him recalled. To my regret I made a poorly educated decision. That I’m not proud of, nor do I support. What am I saying? I go on the record that I will remove my name from that petition.

The bases for signing that position:
I was only slightly effected by the fact he lied about his relationship with a young local gentlemen. Mostly cuz i believe what folks do in the bedroom is their own biz. I’m not sharing it with y’all and I dont wanna know bout you.

My issue with him was his debt. I have debt too not the point but his unpaid monthly expenses. I know the reality of home expenses. At 5k a month to manage my home, I expect a single man with no dependents to make his home payments… My bills are paid each month, I expect his to be as well.

I did not vote for Adams however in the 8-10 months he has been in office I have seen real physically needed improvement and change in our beautiful city… I would be a fool to not admit the vest growth in Green living our city has been enveloped in.

I am Mayor Sam Adams newest Advocate and Crusader. With having said that I must too say this. I apologize for doubting Mayor Adams ability to manage our city business.

9 Portland Public schools have been fitted with solar power panels on the roves. My daughters in one of those Green schools. “HUGE”, as @ParisHilton would say… Luv luv luv it!!

The recent street repair work I’ve seen, is stunning… The most beautiful work I’ve seen done on our Portland streets in 15 years. My father in law and I marveled at the quality work. At night none the less.

Last week while our thermostats had our our heads boiling with record breaking heat many days in a row. Water was not cut off for any of Portland’s residents, due to none payment. He was active in making sure public city buildings were open to our elderly and homeless.

During the winter white out we experienced his first month in office, Mayor Sam Adams was a champion for the people with shovel in hand. City business was managed with us,the residents of Portland in mind.

Portland Public school district has 37 million dollars in our budget for our 2009-2010 school year. The rest of the OR State schools are all over budget and have no funds in site. We are sitting pretty and quite frankly I believe that he may just be the pioneer we’ve been waiting for.

So I encourage you to also support our Mayor Sam Adams. He hasn’t quite. He perseveres no matter whats thrown at him… He’s earned our support.

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