Michael Vick – Reinstated to NFL

Appalling, I find our society to be far too lenient in such an extreme situation. As a strong intelligent women, I most certainly believe in forgiveness though I do also believe in NOT rewarding bad behavior.

He had been given great responsibility as a figure in society to be a role model for the youth of America.  He had the chance to be Mr clean. He was making the money, living the life being the Man… That chance is gone… He CHOOSE to throw away his great opportunities for a cruel and disgusting hobby… Let us not forget this was how he choose to invest his money and time… Abusing animals, Dogs… Mans best friend…

Not surprisingly, PETA is against the reinstatement. PETA blogger Shawna Flavell writes, “The law says that he is entitled to walk free. But that doesn’t mean it is acceptable to put him in the position in which children will look up to him as a role model and wear any new jersey that bears his number.” The battle lines are more clear-cut than the NFL trenches, with animal rights playing defense, Vick supporters playing offense and the all-powerful Goodall standing in the neutral zone.

Posted by Kevin Patra on July 28, 2009 LA Times

He thinks he can get away with sins great & fowl, all so easily forgiven…. OH H.E. double hockey sticks NO….

I watch football diligently and I tell you now, I’m looking forward to the season to open… I have no desire to watch a single game that Michael Vick might play in….I’m not discrete… I watch every game I can.

Sorry his family and him have become accustomed to a particular lifestyle and without Football can probably not afford the things they might like to have… That’s Vick’s problem he threw all that  away with his choices… He has to get real with it and accept his fate as an ordinary citizen who has to suffer from his mistakes like the rest of us wankers…

Watching ESPN listening to them Slam Omar GM of Mets calling his slander ‘Career Suicide’  REALLY?? Mickael Vick can abuse and kill dogs yet A baseball GM cant open his mouth… Where in anyones world does this make sense? The sphinx arguement is that the GM reps a team… Well Vick if signed will rep all of NFL and a team… Whats your point… He was a great football player… WAS being the key word… He does not any longer deserve to represent NFL play… Think of the message we are sending to our kids…

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